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The Secret to Fixing Chronic Hip Pain

Hip Pain – The Secret to Fixing Hip Pain Permanently 

Do you have hip pain? Does it bother you when you lie on your side at night or after you’ve been sitting for a long period of time and then get up? Does your hip pinch or ache if you’ve stood for a long time or if you’re an athlete and performed your sport for a while?

After treating and resolving thousands of hip pain cases over the past 20 years between my Charleston Chiropractic and Summerville offices, I’ve discovered a few secrets on how to fix the worst hip pain cases in record time. 

I’ve gotten so good at difficult hip pain cases that one of Charleston’s top hip Orthopedic Surgeons sends me difficult cases that aren’t responding to injections, surgery or physical therapy. It often doesn’t matter if you’ve been diagnosed with hip arthritis, bursitis or even labral tears. The secret is trying to take a step back and instead of just treating the pain, it’s trying to determine the root cause. Why did this person injure their hip in the first place and what imbalances are preventing them from resolving it? If scar tissue and myofascial adhesions are making a muscles tight or entrapping a nerve, why is the body having a hard time resolving that?

One of the craziest hip pain cases I had turned out to not even be caused by the hip. It was a 14 year old girl who had developed front hip pain and groin pain. Her parents took her to every Orthopedic Surgeon from MUSC to Roper St. Francis. They did MRI’s, CAT scans, Ultrasounds, nerve conduction tests, 3 rounds of Physical Therapy… The parents had spent thousands of dollars. When they came in and told me that no one could find any issues with the hip I believed them and promptly showed them how her SI joint was referring to her hip and groin and how we could immediately resolve the pain. Needless to say, tears were had by all. 

Another crazy one was a single mom who had hip pain that didn’t go away after hip labral surgery and several rounds of Physical Therapy. She was the primary caretaker for her autistic son and much of her life’s stability came down to her being able to walk. This was an easy one to fix in a few treatments because the reason why she wasn’t getting better came down to long standing muscle imbalances. 

Clinical Psychologist suffering from treatment resistant hip bursitis gets sent to Chiropractor by her Orthopedist for cutting edge soft tissue treatment.

Many hip pain cases come down to balance. The muscles at the front of the hip pull your leg up in front of you like you’re sitting. The muscles on the inside of the leg or the groin pull your leg towards your midline. If you think about it, all the body or the hip in this case truly wants is balance. Imagine we spend the majority of our days in the seated position. We sit when we watch tv, when we’re doing computer work, when we drive, when we eat, when we relax…. We spend a large majority of our days in the seated position and that means that the muscles in the front of your hips are stuck in the shortened position an awful lot. When they are stuck in the shortened position over and over again, the muscles begin to adapt and shorten. Similar to you changing the part in your hair. Eventually your muscles are trying to stay in the sitting position even when you’re doing other things like standing!

If you think about the actual hip joint as a ball and cup joint, when the muscles in the front get super tight, it causes the ball to get jammed up into the cup, putting pressure and grinding on the joint. 

The opposite of those front muscles are your butt muscles or your gluteal muscles and a lot of their job is to extend your leg back and they won’t work well if they have to fight against the opposing muscles, your hip flexors. It’s such a common phenomenon that weakly functioning butt muscles is also called “gluteal amnesia” – aka, the butt muscles forgot how to work. And if one muscle forgets how to work, another area pays the price for working overtime. 

If you have hip pain on the outside of your hip, you might be suffering from something called trochanteric bursitis (often just referred to as “bursitis”). Hip bursitis patients often can’t slide on their bad hip side, due to the scar tissue and muscle muscles cooling down at night. Same thing if they have been sitting for a while and go to stand. 

Charleston woman suffering from trochanteric bursitis for over 15 years gets sent to Chiropractor by her Orthopedist for cutting edge muscle treatment.

Last week I found that one of my hip pain patients was suffering from a nerve entrapment just under her skin under her back. The nerve entrapment is called a Cluneal Nerve entrapment and the pain radiated to the front of her hip causing her to limp. It’s incredibly difficult to diagnose, which is why her MRI’s kept coming back negative. But when I pinched her skin in her back thereby lifting the pressure off of the nerve, her pain went away instantly and she could walk normal. 

If you’re looking to fix your chronic hip pain permanently and are in the Charleston, SC area, feel free to reach out. 

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