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How to Fix Joint Pain

How to Fix Joint Pain Permanently

Do you have stiff, achy and painful joints? Does it hurt to move?

Let me let you in on a little secret how you can fix it. I’ve helped thousands of patients in my Charleston Chiropractic office with joint pain and fixed my own joint pain issues over the past 20 years. That is unless you would prefer to keep trying to take anti-inflammatories instead. The solution to your problem might surprise you!

When patients come in with chronic joint pain, I typically tell then that it is often a physical issue, a chemical issue or a combination of the two. 

When I say chemical, I’m referring to inflammation or inflammatory chemicals. 

Did you know that 7 out of the top 10 killers of mankind are resultant from systemic chronic inflammation? 

Most people don’t realize that they are chronically inflamed. Your doctor might not even mention a word to you about chronic inflammation even after reviewing your blood lab work. 

It’s not that inflammation is bad. Inflammation helps initiate the healing process when you first get injured. Inflammation helps kill pathogens like bacteria and viruses. But what we don’t want it chronic inflammation or inflammation that persists for an extended period of time. Much of health comes down to avoiding too much of a good thing.

Chronic inflammation is like a slow fire or a slow burn in your cells. If you think of a sunburn. You burn your skin over and over and over again and cells don’t have the ability to divide infinitely and so you ultimately end up with mutations or cancers. Same thing, this is just across the entire body. 

Lots of things can cause inflammation from toxins that we are exposed to daily, chronic stress, poor sleep… but today our main focus is diet. 

Long story short. Your diet may be causing chronic inflammation. Food intolerances, processed foods, sugar, alcohol all disrupt your gut bacteria which can lead to chronic inflammation. 

Several years ago, I had this athletic high profile lawyer once who came into my Charleston office with severe neck, shoulder and nerve pain. My favorite kind of case. He had tried everything to get rid of his pain. 

He was super fit, very type A and was determined to get rid of his joint pain. Now I tried everything in the book to get rid of his pain. This was a few years ago and I didn’t even have some of the ground-breaking techniques that I do today at my disposal. But I tried everything to get rid of his pain and nothing.

I told him that his pain might be chemical in nature and that he might want to avoid some common foods that might be causing his inflammation: Wheat, Dairy, Sugar and alcohol are all easy bets and a great place to start. I told him my story about how cutting gluten saved my career. How it was my origin story for being completely pain free at 46 years old. Ultimately he just kind of stared at me, hoping for a sexier, more exciting answer to his problem other than a dietary change…. Nobody likes hearing that their diet is screwing their health.

Fast forward to a year later. I notice that he’s back on my schedule. He comes into my treatment room and looks me in the eyes and says “Dude, you totally changed my life.”

He goes on to tell me how he continued searching for the answer to his pain even after me. He tried over $20K in different therapies from stem cells, anti-inflammatories, nerve blocks… you name it. “I was at the end of my rope when I thought of you and your story. So I did it. I cut out gluten and you’ll never believe it. The pain went completely away. And even since then, I’ve told a couple of other people the same thing and THEIR pain went away too.”

I’ve seen this happen in thousands of clients that have gone through my Younger You Blueprint program designed to release pain, pounds and chronic inflammation along with a whole host of other life changing benefits.

The other side of the coin is the physical aspect of joint pain. This is typically due to biomechanical issues like scar tissue, tight muscles and weak muscles creating imbalances across the body. 

Take your knees for instance. Tight ankles, tight toes, tight hips, weak butt muscles and hamstrings all can lead to instability in your knee. When your knees become achy and inflamed, all of your activities will suffer. Sometimes you might be able to warm the tissue up. Get up, move around, stretch and the pain goes away, only to increase again after rest periods like sitting for awhile or sleeping or moving around first thing in the mornings. 

One of the easiest barometers for any joint pain is how does it feel first thing in the morning or after periods of rest. 

If you have joint pain and you’re ready to be like thousands of patients and clients that I’ve helped and feel like the youngest version of yourself, schedule in for an appointment at my West Ashley office. 

Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson, D.C.Founder of Elite Performance & Pain 

Chiropractic Innovator 

Myofascial and Neurological Specialist

Pioneering a holistic approach to chiropractic care, I focus on uncovering the root causes of discomfort, blending myofascial techniques like Active Release Therapy with neurological insights. My practice extends beyond traditional adjustments, delving into the complex interplay of muscles, nerves, movement and overall wellness.

Notable achievements: Hospital Residency Pioneer, Collaborator with Orthopedic Surgeons, Active Release Technique Certified since 2004, Experience with the Buffalo Bills, Ironman Triathlon, College of Charleston Track Team, and high-profile clients.

Passionate about personal health, anti-aging, and longevity. Devoted to activities like weightlifting, calisthenics, jiu-jitsu, movement, and outdoor adventures.

Serving chronic pain patients and athletes who seek innovative, effective solutions.

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