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Chronic Knee Pain?

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Patient holding injured knee after chiropractor treatment in Charleston, SC

Knee pain can be a frustrating injury, but here at Elite Performance & Pain Center we look at it in a unique way, which enables us to get consistent and lasting results for our patients.

The knee is a complex joint that does a simple job: synchronizing the hip and ankle.  The hip and ankle move at vastly different rates of speed, so that is why we experience pain and discomfort in our knees, if our hips or ankles are not working properly.  Healthy knees need one important item: proper alignment with the load bearing joints above and below (ie: hips and ankles). 

Our knees rarely have problems if they are aligned and allowed to work properly.  Now we must keep in consideration any traumatic injuries (ie: ACL/PCL tears, meniscal tears or any other ligaments problems)  when diagnosing your knee pain.  If there is no traumatic injury, the most common cause of your knee pain is due to bio-mechanical or soft tissue restrictions, that are causing abnormal wear and tear on your knees.

You wouldn’t think it but the issue doesn’t always have to be where the pain is. Often the biomechanical issue is far from where the actual pain is! Imagine that you play golf (maybe you do, this is Charleston!), which requires a lot of rotation across the entire body. But perhaps you sit at work for extended periods of time and now your hips and mid back have lost their ability to rotate as well. Some other area on your body is going to have to overcompensate for the loss of motion and often its the knees and lower back and that area that is doing all the extra work gets cranky over time.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter if you have knee osteoarthritis, or if you’ve had multiple surgeries on your knee, meniscus tears, patellar tendinitis… it doesn’t really matter. When you are able to resolve the restrictions or the biomechanical issues that caused the injury in the first place or issue that isn’t letting it heal properly you can be pain free.

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