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Do Chiropractors Take Insurance?

If you’re interested in whether or not chiropractors take insurance… Keep reading. The answer is a little more complex than just “yes or no” and you might be surprised to hear the full and honest answer. 

Some chiropractors DO take insurance, but it might end up costing you BOTH more TIME and a lot more MONEY. Here’s the deal. 

Insurances might make you miss out on cutting-edge therapies.

After treating and resolving over 20,000 word-of-mouth patients that tried other therapies that didn’t work over the past 20 years in my Charleston offices, I have some strong opinions on insurance and how it frequently decreases the level of care that you may receive. While I DO accept some insurances, there is more to the story that you need to know. Chiropractors that take insurance can have a dirty little secret.

Paying out of pocket for non-covered therapies also isn’t a guarantee to fix your pain.

Insurances most unfortunately dictate the level of care and service that their clients receive and it often doesn’t work out the way you want it to.

Many private practice owners, both MDs and Chiropractors that accept insurances accept whatever payment schedule for your treatment that the insurance company offers and it’s typically very low. 

If you’ve ever been to ANY doctors office you might have noticed tons of people in the waiting room. The nurse escorts you back to the treatment room. The doctor comes in, a courteous “hi, how are you?” and in a few brief minutes, the doctor is out the door.

Many people state that they never feel “heard” by their doctors and their appointments always feel “rushed.” 

You can thank insurances for that because doctors need to overcompensate for low reimbursement rates by seeing MORE patients, which means LESS time for you and most often a poorer quality of care. 

I treated and resolved thousands of back pain or shoulder pain or any musculoskeletal cases that a patients doctor just threw some anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers at and it didn’t remotely work. Patients that come in with a diagnosis of sciatica or rotator cuff injury where the doctor never even laid hands on the patient. 

Often, but not all the time, the same level of care can happen with chiropractors that accept insurance. If a chiropractor accepts an insurance that has low reimbursement rates, their best way to make up for it is to see twice as many patients. 

6 years of pain and dysfunction when she walked, gone in ONE visit. Would you care if insurance covered this therapy or not?

This is what I refer to as “rack ‘em and crack ‘em” chiropractic or high volume chiropractic. My very first job when I got out of chiropractic school was exactly THIS. I would see 130 patients across the course of my day or one patient every 5 MINUTES. 

It was enough time for a “hi, how are you? Where does it hurt?” Get them on the table. Pop or adjust 7 areas and send them out the door. We try to overcompensate this by having the patient come in often 3 times a week for the first month and 2 times a week for the next followed by 1 time a week after that. Even if you did have insurance that covered this, you’re paying out the nose with copays. 

It took me a bit to realize this in my own practice and we began dropping the insurance companies that payed excessively low rate and had abusive practices towards doctors and staff. Most of these insurances like CIGNA, AETNA and United Healthcare not only reimbursed so poorly, but most of the time patients were having to meet high deductibles and copays and essentially paying out of pocket anyways. 

We eventually dropped out of the abusive insurance networks and focused on the ones that would reimburse for all of the extra soft tissue and myofascial work to address the root causes of patient’s injuries. 

While you would think that insurance companies would prefer to ultimately pay less by providing higher quality of care resulting in far decreased treatment times, it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

Unfortunately, going the opposite direction and looking for a chiropractor that doesn’t accept insurance and is solely a cash practice also doesn’t guarantee that you’re not going to spend 5 minutes in the office. Make sure you ask your doctor what part of the treatment involves getting to the root cause of the injury and hopefully they will tell you that they address the muscles and other soft tissue. Because bones don’t move themselves. 

Should the bigger question be “will this treatment get to the root cause of my pain?”

Whether or not a chiropractor accepts insurance shouldn’t be the deciding factor on what doctors to see. I have seen thousands of patients over the past twenty years that tried traditional physical therapy, chiropractic and medical treatments in Charleston to help fix their pain. 

Many of them felt that they received more benefit in ONE session of me working on scar tissue and myofascial adhesions than years of other therapies. Whether their insurance picked up their care or they paid out of pocket, that ONE treatment and 30 minutes of care was minuscule in comparison to the time, money and energy spent not feeling like the best version of themselves. 

Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson, D.C.Founder of Elite Performance & Pain 

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Pioneering a holistic approach to chiropractic care, I focus on uncovering the root causes of discomfort, blending myofascial techniques like Active Release Therapy with neurological insights. My practice extends beyond traditional adjustments, delving into the complex interplay of muscles, nerves, movement and overall wellness.

Notable achievements: Hospital Residency Pioneer, Collaborator with Orthopedic Surgeons, Active Release Technique Certified since 2004, Experience with the Buffalo Bills, Ironman Triathlon, College of Charleston Track Team, and high-profile clients.

Passionate about personal health, anti-aging, and longevity. Devoted to activities like weightlifting, calisthenics, jiu-jitsu, movement, and outdoor adventures.

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