Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson

761 Saint Andrews Blvd Charleston, SC 29407

Pain Resolution In Charleston, SC

Dr. J is versed in a multitude of advanced techniques to eliminate pain, improve performance, and restore healthy movement.

Our biggest goal and passion is to resolve your pain and restore your quality of like in as few visits as possible. Our integrative therapy sessions are like nothing that you have every experienced.

Here are just some of the conditions we can address:
Muscle imbalances and pain
Shin Splints
Bulging Discs
Abdominal / Digestive Discomfort
Weight Loss (No matter what you’ve tried)
Adrenal Dysfunction
Emotional Sources of Pain
Meridian Dysfunctions
Food Intolerances
And more…
How we do it:
Active Release Techniques
Graston / Gua Sha
Graston / Gua Sha
Amino Neuro Frequency
Kinesiotaping / Rocktape
Functional Neurology
Lymphatic Release
Selective Functional Movement Assessment
Meridian Therapy
Kinesiotaping / Rocktape
PNF Stretching
Whelton Myofascial
Dural Stretching
Corrective Breathing
And more….

We get to the root cause of your pain and give you not only IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF but the minimal effort tools needed for keep it that way

Stop chasing symptoms. Be in control of your pain, performance and your health