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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment In Charleston, SC

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Why do injuries happen?

Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson


Far too many people waste time and money chasing symptoms. Getting adjustments, countless physical therapy hours, stretching and foam rolling, injections and surgeries while never getting true clarity about WHY their pain happened in the first place – this needs to STOP!

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Suffering From Achilles Tendonitis? Consult Our Chiropractor In Charleston, SC

A trip to an Achilles tendonitis chiropractor is clinically necessary to determine the severity of your problem. This visit will usually consist of a hands-on examination during which the chiropractor will feel for tender areas on your ankle and heel. In certain cases, x-rays or an MRI may be necessary for further diagnosis. In most cases, however, chiropractic treatment will be effective in treating your condition without the need for these tests.

An Achilles tendonitis chiropractor can provide a number of treatment options to help heal the pain caused by this common condition. Proper footwear and other protective gear are essential to keeping your Achilles healthy. Symptoms of Achilles tendonitis should be taken seriously, so seek medical attention as soon as possible. In addition to avoiding the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis, treatment may include orthotics or soft heel lifts.

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Treating symptoms is one thing, finding the root cause of those symptoms SOLVES the problem

The world of pain relief is filled with marketing and massive amounts of myopic thinking. This chiropractor says “a bone is out of place,” that physical therapy office says “just do this 10 pages of exercises” and often the medical approach is to medicate, inject, or cut – sadly, that’s the world that we live in and unlike this website it’s not all black and white.

The fact is, treating symptoms will never result in permanent relief. It’s like duct taping a leaky ceiling. It might look good for a hot minute, but it doesn’t take that long before you wish you hired a better contractor.

After being in the pain and performance world for 20 plus years, my focus today is providing immediate relief, but also being the detective that leaves no stone unturned of showing you how to keep it that way.

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Dr. Jeremiah is my go to for my patients when all else fails

Dr. Robert Schoderbeck – Orthopedist

I know this sounds crazy… I will fly to Charleston to see him… hands down this guy is a healer

Mo Maynor

Dr. Jimerson is OUTSTANDING! As a clinician myself, I appreciate his direction and encouragement… but mostly the RESULTS!

Priscilla Nugent – Physical Therapist

Get Treatment For Your Achilles Tendonitis In Charleston, SC

Oftentimes, a chiropractor for runners’ condition will perform a thorough examination to determine the source of the pain and suggest a course of treatment. Many doctors believe the condition is caused by overuse of the tendon, which causes a bursa to become inflamed and dysfunctional. Runners will often experience pain when sitting or standing with their knees bent. In severe cases, the inflammation can lead to visible swelling and pain when walking or running.

Chiropractors have a variety of treatment options for this soft tissue condition. They can help alleviate pain in a number of ways, including manual therapy and electrical stimulation. They can also help prevent further injury by correcting misalignments in the body. The most common symptom of Achilles tendonitis is heel pain. It usually starts gradually, and the pain and stiffness are usually worse when walking or using the Achilles tendon after prolonged sitting. Consult our chiropractor if you think you’re suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

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We get to the root cause of your pain and give you not only IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF but the minimal effort tools needed for keep it that way

Stop chasing symptoms. Be in control of your pain, performance and your health

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